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We invite You to enjoy an incredibly delicious Mediterranean cuisine of our restaurant and wine imbibed the flavors of distant lands and sun.

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Details that matter: we carefully select raw materials, beautifully executed deliciously cooked meals, we offer attentive service.

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Authentic Mediterranean cuisine with fresh ingredients!

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You can contact us by phone, e-mail of facebook.

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Labai stilinga ir rami namų atmosferą kartu su Gurmanų virtuve ir puikiu vynų pasirinkimu. Visai šeimai patiko.

Ekaterina Malinina, Lankytoja

Очень стильная и непринужденно домашняя атмосфера великолепно сочетается с высокой кухней и замечательным подбором вин. Были всей семьей - незабываемые впечатления.

Екатерина Малинина , Клиент

Very stylish and relaxed home atmosphere perfectly combined with high cuisine and remarkable selection of wines. We were the whole family - an unforgettable experience.

Ekaterina Malinina, customer